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Wa-ku’s accident

Wa-ku watched the vision of his brother dissolve from the greenstone crystal bowl. He swiveled in his hoverchair and pressed a button on the side that made it float across the room to an array of instruments on the other side. His paralysed legs dangled over the side of the chair that contained a


Crystals (Photo credit: Velo Steve)

crystalline base with anti-gravity boosters to allow the chair to hover and be propelled anywhere he wished it to go. He winced with pain as his hand muscles struggled to manipulate the instrument controls.

He frowned deeply at his handicap. It had not always been this way, and had he been fully able, he would have stopped Yidu himself, but his brother now scared him. He was more capable of overpowering this cripple.

The accident had occurred after he had created Petrosium, which was also the source of the greenstones and the other useful gem crystals used in the operation of the cosmo-ship. The Petrosium mine was the richest source of power crystals in this sector of the universe, but before he could mine it, he had initially to gain the trust of the inhabitants there, the Petros, who had a rather dangerous means of disabling any creature, or man, with their sub-sonic horns. Actually, gaining their trust was far easier than he had at first expected. The Petros were dazzled by him; they saw him as a god, so it was just a matter of instilling in them a ritual system of worship, and constructing a device that allowed him to transmit his vision to them. The cosmo-ship worked on universal time, which like Yidu’s Skye world, allowed a thousand cycles of Mareos to pass while only a few cycles passed in universal time. Transmissions, of course, had to be equalised to local time. It was all quite amusing for a time … Wa-ku joined in the Great Game in his enslavement of the Petros, but certain cosmic events made him realise his error. He was truly not a god, which was only made too painfully clear by the accident. It was ironic that the evil underworld creature Beeble-Zub was no more corrupt than himself. Mirrortac had not only destroyed Beeble-Zub, but the god-hood of Wa-ku in one fell swoop. Now, what remained of the Petros, were again free to pursue their own ways, though some will continue to practise their useless rituals.

Wa-ku recalled the scenario that led up to the accident. The cosmo-ship was descending for a routine mining expedition at Petrosium when there was a failure in the crystal instrument array, causing the ship to descend too quickly and crash into the ground. The landing restraints broke, sending him careering into the ceiling with a painful thud. The next thing he remembered was waking up in a ward at the healing station. He had lost all feeling below his waist and his arms were also partly numb. The medical attendants had done all they could but it was to no avail. The ship too, was badly damaged, and had been retrieved from the Wastes of Nug to undergo repair.


Arrival at Thenigmas

Volcanic material thrust high into the atmosph...

Volcanic material thrust high into the atmosphere can trigger lightning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The time eventually arrived when they felt the ship slow down, and the former streaks of light in the crystal screens resolved into stars, while one object was observed to be suspended like a giant ball, with curious shapes and colours—blues, greens, browns and striking reds that shone. The triplets were curious that this planet called Thenigmas could sustain any life as surely the ones on the bottom and sides would fall off. When Wa-ku assured them that they also lived on such a giant ball, they all thought it rather funny until they realised he was serious.

Thenigmas rapidly took up the whole view in the screen until its spherical shape was less obvious, and they noted there was a zone of blue-green embracing the planet in an aura of light. Dark clouds could be seen rising up, and beneath them mountains and snake-like valleys, hills and plains. There were greenish patches and a blue-green expanse wrapping around a huge land mass with a few islands and two white caps at the top and bottom. The southern cap soon disappeared as the ship homed in on the northern area of land.

‘The portal ends near the mouth of Grorl,’ Wa-ku said, and pointing at the screen, ‘The mountain of fire in the north of Thenigmas.’

The triplets now saw the smoke issuing from out of the volcano along with a searing seam of molten material leaking down one side.

‘What be this portal? Another device of magic?’ Mitac frowned.

‘It is like a doorway, a gate joining one world with another. It is how my brother sent your father to this forsaken place.’

‘Then it be some kind of magic?’ Treetam mused.

‘To your mind, yes,’ Wa-ku said.

He adjusted the crystals, causing the ship to veer in towards the volcano. The mouth of Grorl gaped up at them, and beyond it loomed a small mountain range and a forest. Tiny dots like insects could be barely discerned moving across the land. Soon all they could see was Grorl and an area of plain around it. Then they could see vegetation, like shrubs and plants unknown to them. The ground was stony, cluttered with the litter of volcanic ash. The ship homed in on a patch of flat ground covered in withering grasses, then with a slight thud, they felt the ship make contact with the land.

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