Wizard’s Sword races

The four tribes of the Meretees islands people

The Wizard’s Sword is not populated with the usual dwarves, elves, trolls and so on that all began with our inspiration JRR Tolkien. Therefore, I thought I would devote this post to the peoples who populate my novel, beginning with the race of the main character Mirrortac – the erfins. Here is how I described each race.

Erfins: The erfins were grey of fur and thickset with pointed cat-like ears and large eyes.

Madin: This race is extinct but were mountain people coming from the same stock as the erfins. The Madin’s fur was courser and they were slightly taller than their erfin cousins.

Faugs: These were forest people who lived in communities up in the huge trees of the Faug Forest. Standing before him were three tall beings, easily one and a half erfin-lengths high with faces like gibbons. They were each cloaked in large leathery wings of mottled green and one of them was holding a double-bladed axe made of stone that had been chiselled and honed to a fine sharp edge.

Petros: These were strange cave dwellers how lived across the Wastes of Nug (a desert). Mirrortac swung his head around and saw what was a strange legless being of the colour of orange and cream. It moved as though half sitting with a single flap of muscle which acted as a leg to pull it slowly across the sand. Its skin was reticulated and smooth like snakeskin and it was able to support itself upon two clawed hands. Two large and round blue eyes dominated its oval-shaped head that was covered in a thin layer of grey hair. A single horn jutted out from its forehead and two fangs protruded out of the corners of  its mouth.

Meretees – four distinct tribes. They hark from a group of islands in the sea known as the Sufra Mere.

Serenetees: This tribe are explorers who sail the seas in boats pulled by dolphin-like creatures. Standing an erfin-length away and peering out was a being of just over an erfin-length in stature. Its blue-grey fur lay close against its body that was slim and fish-like in its sleekness. The being’s feet were webbed and its hands were partly webbed. Mirrortac could see four thin long whiskers protruding out from its snout while upon its head it wore an aureum crown that swept back in a diamond of which the lower portion was longest. 

Children of the Divine Green: This tribe lives on the islands and spends most of their time in among the forests and beaches. They are the most colourful and could be compared to hippies. The ones on shore also wore capes but of crimson designs inlaid within gold. They also wore robes that loosely covered their bodies, allowing only for the extremities to be exposed. The robes were of a green wavy gloss material. Instead of gold helmets, they wore headdresses of vines and flowers, perfumed with delicate pink petals. Adornments of metal ringlets, necklaces of white and black shells and garlands of aromatic flowers were worn around arms, legs and draped generously about their robed bodies. There were females and males, children and those of all ages. Violet smears of fragrant essences were evident upon many faces, highlighting cheeks and eyebrows, completing the gaudy island people.

The Ra-finelles: These could be best compared to priests, but more like druids then regular clergy. These lived inside a huge pyramid that dominated one end of the island Plumer-Ra. Mirrortac was startled at the god-like bearing and dress of the meretee. Ix wore a brilliant white satin robe overlaid with the repeated pattern of crescents and twelve-pointed stars. A yellow belt with green cross-staves was tied about his waist and on his head he wore a crown of crimson-gold metal that rose above his head in three high flames. His eyes were highlighted and he was tall. 

The Astellites (Ass-tell-it-ees): This tribe is entirely made up of females who live in the crater of a long extinct volcano. They are astronomers. In the dim light of moon-drops, he could see the dark hue of their robes but could not make out the colour. Occasionally one of the figures raised its head to speculate quietly on the strange visitor. Polished silver metal headdresses in the shape of an irregular six-pointed star encircled their faces. The Astellites were shorter than all other Meretees but in the silent green moons of their eyes, the erfin sensed an almost sinister presence, which sent a shiver up his spine. 

Nerthulians: The final race are Nerthulians, who are basically humans. Mirrortac meets them in another dimension where the Nerthulians are held captive by a sorcerer and sorceress.

Note: The drawings are rough but give you a better idea of the Meretees.


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