Arrival at the foot of Skye — teaser The Three Stones of Destiny

English: Chancellor Peak in Yoho National Park...

English: Chancellor Peak in Yoho National Park of Canada. Towering above Kicking Horse Valley. The river visible is Kicking Horse river. Photo taken from Trans-Canada Highway. The greyish areas of the forests are from a prescribed fire in 2005 Polski: Góra Chancellor Peak w Parku Narodowym Yoho, Kanada. Rzeka w dolnej części zdjęcia to Kicking Horse River. Zdjęcie wykonane z autostrady transkanadyjskiej. Szarawe obszary lasów to inwazja górskiego żuka sosnowego (Dendroctonus ponderosae). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the days that followed, they made their way out of the swamp and onto a grassy plain where shrubs and small trees grew in small pockets of green. The once distant mountains now loomed larger, fingering out towards them with ridges of stone that sparkled in the sunlight. A long flat blanket of mist obscured the feet of the mountains. Mirrortac’s heart quickened as he recognised the landscape that Browagh had stumbled into at the beginning days. Before them lay a wide plain that led up to the verge of the mountain ridges. Numerous yellow flowers peeked up above waist-high grasses which were alive with the movements of scurrying small animals. They were all awed at the sight of the grasses, flowers, trees and the towering mountains. The Werdstone had become dark and lustreless yet remained warm in its protective hide covering.

After 12 days on the plain, they reached the edge of the great mist, and entered, as this was where the stream ended – in an untidy pile of boulders and stones many erfin-lengths high. Enfolded within the mist was a fir forest, which was the same as Ameece and Mirrortac had witnessed through the eyes of Browagh. The trees were twisted in exotic shapes and pine needles littered the ground where they walked. Water dripped from branches as the ever-present mist curled in drifts through the higher limbs. A pathway of rose quartz wove its straight way through the wood, again as in the vision, with the high stone ridges coming up to meet them on either side.

Daghva considered the forest with a suspicious sweep of his dark eyes. ‘There is menace afoot in this place,’ he said.

Karn kicked one of the trees hard, causing it to shudder and shower everyone near him in water and pine needles. His furry eye-brows rose as he looked up at the tree.

This wooded thing does nought yield with ease. I should have to kick it a few more times to bring it to ground.

Rusk and Iyaji mocked their comrade with chortles, and Rusk said, ‘We shall have to wait here until Luma has left for the Underworld and has returned before you kick that tree down!

Karn warmed to the dare. ‘I will have six of these wooded things kicked down before the two of you together have downed e’en one!’ he countered.

Huh!’ Iyaji laughed. ‘We will have 12 kicked down each while you are jumping around with a sore foot after kicking down your first!

Karn grinned then waved his palm graciously at the tree. ‘Take your pleasure!’ he said, inviting them to start the contest.

Rusk took aim at the tree and ran up to it, throwing up his great foot as he leapt. The hyfnuk bounced off the tree and fell harmlessly to the ground. The tree shook for a few moments, sending another shower of water and pine needles down upon them. Karn laughed loudly. ‘I thought it was the tree that you were kicking down, not you!


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