Discussing the Werdstone – Book 2 Three Stones of Destiny

English: One of the round stones

English: One of the round stones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The erfin felt a rising sense of fear. He did not want the maja-tak to enter into the privacy of his own thoughts but he could already feel her mind pressing at the edge of his awareness. Suddenly, there was a sharp snapping sound, or so it seemed, and he was instantly asleep. When he awoke again, the *maja-tak was standing across from him, hardly discernable except for the dim outline of shadow. He shivered despite the warmth. Swarg came to him when she noticed he was conscious again.

‘Never have I faced such a task as this discerning.’ The maja-tak’s tone sounded weary. ‘Your memories carry visions which I would fear to find in my dreams let alone in the real world. I found many of the ways barred to me though I had spelled you to sleep … all passages should have been open. You are bound with spells unknown in Yidrogh. You told Aghfa that you were a holy one – a maja-tak such as I, yet I know no such maja-tak of Eol, or the erfins.’

Swarg appeared to be shivering herself as she bent closer, and it wasn’t until her face was almost next to his that he could see that she was actually afraid. A strained whisper urged up from her throat. ‘Who are you, Mirrortac? What do you want with us?’

‘Have you heard of the **Werdstone?’ he asked simply.

Swarg shrugged with surprise. ‘Who has not heard of it? It is the Eye of Yidu … the Most Sacred … stone of wisdom and knowledge. Why do you ask me such a thing?’

‘I have come to venerate it. News came of it in Eol. I have been searching for it to ask for answers,’ the erfin lied.

‘Then you have found it, holy warrior. How is it that you came to our clan just at the time when the Maja-tak of the Werd brings the Werdstone to us?’ There was an edge of excitement in her tone, but fear still lurked in her eyes.

‘You are not the only one to discern the truth from others, holy Swarg.’

Swarg stood up stiffly. ‘I shall have to discuss your request with the elders. We must know if your intentions are as you say. The Eye of Yidu can see everything.’

‘Then bring me to the stone, so that you will know that I speak the truth.’ Mirrortac had no idea about the power of the Werdstone, but whatever the outcome, he had to access it.

Swarg left the room, leaving the erfin alone with the snoring hyfnuk. The erfin had drifted off to sleep by the time Swarg had returned, wearing a resigned and solemn expression. When he was awakened, he already guessed at the decision of the elders. Swarg remained standing as she addressed his mind.

‘Mirrortac, holy warrior. I have discussed your request with the elders, and we are of the mind that you hail from clans that left here long before the rise of Yidu, and I could not reassure them that you were nought in league with the renegades. The demons you fought may have possessed you, I can nought be sure. The Eye of Yidu must nought look upon you.’

*a maja-tak is a like a priestess in this tribe

**The Werdstone is a sacred stone that is venerated by the roznogh people. It has many powers. It is the controlling stone for the Three Stones of Destiny


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