Meeting with the monster Beeblezub

Rodan fights Godzilla in Ghidorah, the Three-H...

Rodan fights Godzilla in Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘We will make it worthwhile for you to help Mee, Mirrortac. We hass a plan. It’s a plan with worth for you. Dush it want to go back to its kind? We can arrange thiss.’‘Why should itsis help Mee?’ the creature paused.Mirrortac suddenly realised that the six yellow eyes and six heads were attached to the one being. So this was the demon monster Beeble-Zub, he thought.

‘You could take me back to the Faug Forest? How would you do that?’ Mirrortac was curious.

Beeble-Zub snickered with secretive delight.

‘Thoughtsis you would be interested, Mirrortac. We can do it but first you must help us. We can take you anywhere you want and make you ruler of all you wish. Will you help Mee?’

‘You tell me nought, Beeble-Zub. First…’ Mirrortac coughed, ‘First, tell me how you would bring me back to the forest.’ he tested.

‘Beeble-Zub tells nothing without a promise. You must promise to help Mee Mirrortac and I will tell you all you want to know.’ The yellow orbs winked in and out of the darkness.

‘Tell me first what you wish for me to do?’ he questioned.

‘Mirrortac dush not hass to do a thing but tell Mee the way in to the Chamber of the Deep of the Shining Wet. That iss simple, is it not? Now, will you tell uss?

All eyes were focussed on the erfin.

‘Why do you want to know this?’

‘We wish to free the petros of the trickery of the one calling itself Wa-Ku. They are slaves to its Proper Talk, slaves to his blinding stones. You can help them, Mirrortac. You can set them free and go back to your kind. Iss it willing?’

‘Wa-Ku is the spirit that protects Petrosium as there are spirits in other worlds to protect the people in those worlds. You belong to the darkness. Are you of the Netherworld, Beeble-Zub? What did you do to the fire in the sky? You are more like trickery to my eyes, dark one. I am leaving here.’ Mirrortac felt for the wall and edged his way for the opening to the passage that led to the surface.

‘Foolish Mirrortac! You will find no escape here. I offer you freedom and you wish only slavery. You shall tell mee anyway.’

Mirrortac felt desperately for an opening but could find none.

‘The passage is shut, furry one!’ Beeble-Zub snarled. ‘Now tell mee where the Deep iss and waste no time about it!’

‘If I tell you, what will you do there?’

‘Wee will take Wa-Ku’s eyes from him. He will be blind and all the petros will be free. Dush it want another chance? Do not be silly now. We can give you anything you wish.’

‘And what will you do to the petros? Eat them?’

‘No, stupid Mirrortac. They will be free.’

‘What if I do not tell you? What will you do with me?’

‘You will be a quick meal, silly one.’

‘Why is it so important that this Wa-Ku be blinded. The petros are happy. He protects them.’

‘They are under a spell. Wa-Ku will kill them all. He blinds them with his light; we will blind him with darkness. Darkness iss safe. Darkness iss free.’


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