A ‘meeting’ with Wa-Ku

Refraction of light

Refraction of light (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a sudden flash of blinding brilliance, thin beams of magnesium light streamed out of the tunnels and struck the many facets of the stone crystals, transforming the crystalline semicircle into a deep cyano-blue aura that reflected and deflected within and between the crystals then collected into a stream of blue light that shone up to the ceiling and upon the great greenstone set within it. The stone pulsed with the merged focus of blue light and reflected its own diffused misty green light into the deep pool. Mirrortac marvelled at the beauty of this light display but he was more surprised and awed still as he watched the pool. It was filling up with a clean white luminescence that grew outwards from the centre and extended down into the pool, illuminating the gemstone walls within. The light continued to fill the pool, revealing more and more of the seeming limitless depths until Mirrortac could see right down the descending funnel of rock to its base, some hundreds of erfin-lengths below. At the bottom there was the likeness of a face with eyes formed of greenstone and with crimsonstone lips. When the light touched it, the greenstones also glowed and a cloud of white milky light bubbled out into the Deep, obscuring the features once more.

When this had all occurred, the Lord Supreme of Petrosium fastened the Golden Rod to one of the stone crystals beside him and in the pathway of one of the many blue beams. The beam pierced the clearstone gemstones on the top of the rod, splitting the depths of the gem cluster and concentrating the light into a single silver beam that shone into the pool. The cloudy light within the pool separated with a purpose of its own then began to split into a pattern of colour like a living picture. Mirrortac watched with wonderment as the pattern formed into the likeness of a face similar but uncanny in its realness to the face at the bottom of the Deep. The face was of a demi-god, one of the world of men such as Ni-Do. A golden crown of curling hair covered the head of the demi-god while its eyes were as blue as the sky and its hairless features were of the colour of a sun-warmed orange. The likeness was unlike any likeness for it seemed to be animated and alive. Yet, how could this be? Mirrortac pondered. The eyes of the vision seemed to see them, blinking within the face that floated inside the pool. The lips of the demigod moved as though preparing to speak while all sat in silent rapture of the vision.


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