Role of mythology …

Mythology has played a big part in my novel The Wizard’s Sword. I have drawn on myths from various sources and woven them into the character names, settings and background, without trying to be too obvious about it. If you look at Tolkien‘s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, you will see he obviously used the Norse mythology of Middle Earth to build his incredible world of Hobbits, dwarves, elves, orcs, ents, wizards and the like. He is probably the inspiration for many, many fantasy writers, including myself. But I didn’t want to simply be another Tolkien clone, so I used mythologies from various places, and created my own.

The Werdstream in Mirrortac’s home valley of Eol is a play on the word ‘Wierd’ and its mythological connotations. The otherworldy visitor, Nido, is Odin spelt backwards, but really has little to do with the actual Odin. His part is small, but important. Later in the story, I mention the Utlontees, which is a veiled reference to the Atlanteans and the theories that they are a race from outer space. The planet in which Mirrortac lives, Mareos, is linked to Atlantis but loses that link when Atlantis sinks below the waves … all part of the ‘darkness’ spreading across the worlds from the evil sorceror and sorceress. Mareos is said to be in the place of the ‘belt of the warrior’, which alludes to Orion.

Of course, the wizard and the girl are Christians, or rather the girl is especially, bringing in another belief system for Mirrortac to consider. There are New Age elements as well, borne from the days when I researched the New Age movement. Concepts of meditation and abilities to go into trance, leave the body and meet with guiding spirits, all are explored in a playful manner in my book. I later toned down some aspects, as I wanted the book to be entertaining, although allegorical. And the second book will be more thematic rather than New Age or anything specific.

Nevertheless, the mythology is a rich source for fantasy writing for many writers, and of course, there are the age old conflicts with medieval style battles mixed with sci-fi aspects and exploration of alien thinking. What would an alien culture be like? What would they think of our culture? The latter will be explored when I reach the third and last book in the series.


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