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Original idea

The original idea for The Wizard’s Sword came about in 1986 when I was thinking how some people did not believe in a life beyond this one. I thought up this allegorical story that was just going to be a short story about a race of people living in a valley below the Mountain At The End Of The Earth (Mateote), and these people were called Erfins … a play on the words Earth and Fini (end, finish). It was their belief that there was nothing but the “Netherworld” beyond the mountain, and so it remained unchallenged. Until, one day, one erfin thinks differently.

Well, that was the initial idea … but then once this erfin did get over the mountain, he did not find the Netherworld but another “world” altogether. It was then my imagination went wild. Of course, this erfin, Mirrortac, needed a reason to go over the mountain in the first place … something dramatic enough to make him go. After all, life was pretty cool and cruisy in the land called Eol. So, I sent him a messenger from another place to convince him to go on a mission; and that mission was to save Eol, the next world and many other worlds from destruction … or the darkness wrought by two sorcerors.

Thus it became The Nine Worlds of Mirrortac, as I dreamed up a heap of places for this hero erfin to go, battle evil creatures and enemies, and finally achieve his mission. But this particular mission ended in the fifth “world” of Hopocus where he was up against some mean magic. I changed the name to The Wizard’s Sword  but left it open for another book or books to follow, continuing Mirrortac’s journey through four more “worlds”. That second book, at last, is being written now, and a third book will complete the series, and bring the erfin and some of his children to a place we all know.

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